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No More “Jar-to-Your-Car” Curb Ramps- Bridjit Ramps

In more recent years, housing developers have installed less-expensive extruded curbs and gutters with a more rounded, but blunt top on the curb (roll-over or roller curbs), which then serves as the entrance to your driveway.

This feature allows driveways to be placed anywhere on the building lot, depending on the model of home selected.

The result of this design can be a bone-jarring shock as you traverse the curbing. This less-than-smooth transition can not only misalign the wheels, it can damage wheels, steering and suspension components if hit at a speed anything higher than a baby crawl.

The folks at Bridjit Inc. have your solution in the form of Bridjit Curb Ramps. Made from recycled tires (12 passenger tires are used in each three-section set), the ramps are not bolted down to the storm gutter, they are uniquely bolted together to form a 135-pound to 180-pound mass, depending upon the number of sections used. The ramp design enables water to flow underneath without the need to install piping, and it can be flipped out of the way for easy cleaning and is not impacted by street sweeping either.

Each section is four feet long, and numerous sections can be added to cover the full width of virtually any driveway, eliminating jarring ingress and egress for cars, motorcycles, RVs, golf carts, no matter what type of vehicle.

A three-section set costs $299, with additional four-foot center sections costing $90, all of which can be ordered by calling 877-522-6611, or by visiting their Web site at,

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